The ONE Skill Which Will Set You Apart As A REALTOR

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This post is so true. I see Realtors that don’t really know the area or Realtors that really do not know the sales contract or Realtors that have no negotiation skills, but they still make money because they FOLLOW UP. Communication is so important in today’s world.

EurekaIn looking at consistently GOOD Realtors over others that you might conside average or sub par flakes in the business, I see

ONE Skill Which Will Set You Apart As A REALTOR.

That skill?

           Follow Up !!!!

Looking at it as serving your client the REASON the good REALTOR keeps getting rave reviews is they don’t let things fall through the crack. There is this HAPPY FACE at the other end of the communication, the computer terminal if you will. Emails come back with answers to questions, solutions to problems, extra information. The customer phone rings promptly after confusion is shown.

Face to face meetings are arranged as needed, and paperwork moves around from place to place with signatures and minimal hassle. Use of technology is a given and is effective.

Is a good to great REALTOR perfect all the time, or not have a personal life outside their business? Absolutely not. They are human just like the flake REALTORS. They have sick dogs, elderly mothers and kids that need to stay home from school with the flu on a Tuesday. But they deal with it. They are people of action and DO NOT LET THINGS SLIDE.

If you want to take your game to the next level, delight your clients with EXCELLENT FOLLOW UP in all areas, text, email, mail, phone and face to face communication. Make your response time above average and surprise them by giving them MORE than they expected.

CREATE ‘raving’ fans of YOU !!


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