The nobility of being able to call yourself a realtor…………

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I just read this post and I think it is a great summery about BEING A REALTOR. Personally I am not just proud to be a REALTOR I am also proud to be a educated trained and passionate sales person but the empathizes is on “trained and educated”

By DRE terms, you would be called a sales agent.

When I think of sales agent, I think of used cars, telemarketers, and “hold the line for your next available sales agent”.

How many “sales agents” that you know have to invest approximately $6000 per year just to be called a “sales agent”?

That’s why I disagree with being called a “sales agent”. 


We have state exams that we must pass.  We have conditional license terms that must be periodically upheld.  We are required to have technical, architectural, legal and environmental knowledge according to our state and fedaral government.

And on the ethical and spiritual side, we are using our skills and knowledge to help people make the largest purchase they’ll ever make in their lives.

We’re helping young couples start a new life and new horizons with new baby lives in their future.

We’re helping the elderly deal with children having left the nest and making decisions about whether or not to hold on to that big house or find more suitable housing as they enter their golden years.

We’re helping people who are going through the death of their loved ones with residential property and what to do with it with respect to those that the departed have left behind.

We’re helping people going through divorces, perhaps with children, get through a highly emotional distraught period in their lives, and helping them to move on.

We helping those who have hit a financial roadblock in their lives to be able to make sound decisions as to their investment in their homes.

We’re helping people.  People who are coming and going.  Lives who have left this plain, and new lives born into this world.

Someone’s home is there most sacred place.  When you are helping them to find that place, your heart better be in it, or you’re looking at some pretty heavy Kharma.

So please DO NOT EVER call me a “sales agent”

I’ve paid my dues, and I continue paying them for the privelage of being called a REALTOR.

I love being able to participate in helping people in such ways.

It’s just icing on the cake to be able to earn a living doing it.

Respect yourself and respect your occupation. 

Uphold the values every single day.

You’ll need help someday very soon, and you’ll want and depend on it to be as genuine as you’re giving now…………..


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