The Jury is out but the Judge is Nutsy.

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     Today is my second day of Jury Duty.

     Jury Duty is billed as both a commitment and a duty.  As you talk to those around you sitting in the jury pool of more than 300 people, waiting to be assigned to a case, you would be unlikely to find anyone that is there “willingly” and most are desperately trying to figure out ways to not be there.   The “summons” is for a two day period and if you are not assigned to a case in that time period—-you have gotten to do a lot of reading and a lot of Sudoku.  I got assigned to a case that is expected to last 3 days—-including the two initial pool days—-not too bad.

     You can be excused for a variety of reasons—-like it would be an extreme hardship to make only $10.00 a day for the duration of a two week or longer trial.  It also seemed like you could be excused for ANYTHING related to taking care of kids.

     For me giving up a couple of days to sit on a trial is doable in that I can work inspections around it.

     It also helps that the judge is a comedian.


Charles Buell


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