The Invisible Inspector (or agent, stager, etc) —-how can I find you if I can’t see you?

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     I have no idea what the “Bar” in REBarCamp stands for.  I do know that there were no piles of beer cans around, no “Barflies,” no “Bears”—–and no members of the Bar in sight either.

     Of course as a builder and inspector I can’t look at the title and not think of concrete reinforcement rods—-but that ain’t it either.


      I do know that in terms Social Networking (so cool to actually meet some of the people we hang out with on ActiveRain) and for what is happening in the world of SEO, Blogging, and general use of the Internet (for everything we do in the world of Real Estate)—-REBarCamp is cutting edge.  It takes the idea of “free” that we have all come to expect from the internet, into the realm of learning and sharing with each other in the real world.

     Someone at REBarCamp Seattle this past Friday defined the event as a, “Spontaneous, eclectic event of people who are passionate about what they know and are willing to share freely with those that are hungry to know.” 

     It almost sounds like the internet doesn’t it? 

     This is the way of the future, a paradigm where people come to find that the more they give away the more that will come to them.

     One of the interesting things that came out of the many discussions was that the next generation of buyers is going to be the embodiment of the internet and if your business model doesn’t include use of the internet these people are not going to find you or even be interested in finding you.  They WILL have done their homework already and if they have not gotten to know you ahead of time through your transparency on the internet—-YOU WILL BE INVISIBLE to them.

     My advice?  Get with the program (literally).  Places like ActiveRain are at the cutting edge of what these consumers are looking for.

     Rumor has it that the next REBarCamp will be in Portland in April—-make plans now to be there if you can—-it is worth the trip.

     Don’t be invisible.


Charles Buell



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