The Florida fishing industry is in danger.

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I know you might think it is very unusual to find this topic on a real estate blog or website.

Well, think about it, fishing is one, if not the number one, natural resource that Florida has to offer. As a Realtor, and a very concerned Florida resident, I want to make sure that we keep this tremendously important resource available for all the people how live here, for all they people who want to buy property here and for all the people that come on vacation. I was at an event put together by   The Gulf Partnership For Marine Fishery and I decided that it is time to get involved and take action. The Gulf Partnership For Marine Fishery is a partnership between the commercial and the recreational fishing industry of Florida. The partnership will engage fisheries experts to evaluate stock assessments and proposed regulations. They will employ scientific experts like Dr. Trevor  Kenchington to revue any proposed restrictions.   Existing restrictions on Gag Grouper, Red Snapper, Red Grouper and Goliath Grouper have to be reviewed and changed; otherwise it could be devastating to the fishing industry, commercial as well as recreational. It effects all of us, it is a good cause and I hope that more people will get involved and support  The Gulf Partnership For Marine Fishery.

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