The calm before the storm – what is FAY going to do???

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Or better question, where is she going to go? In an earlier post I wrote that  “This one is a typical female (I am one too, so I am allowed to say this.) She, meaning Fay is either lost or simply can not decide what to do and where to go. Or, on a second thought, talking about females she might be influence by the early full moon . . . .. .” and it look like I am more and more right by the hour.

We will not know for at least another 10 hours or so and that means we only have Monday evening left to make all the preparations. (so, do not wait, get started)  If Fay is heading for Pinellas County, you want to be out of here by Monday night, no sense in taking chances or sitting in traffic. I have evacuated a few times over the past years and I have to say, it brings you back to basics. What do you pack? What is really important to you? What can you NOT live without? Really gets you thinking and surprisingly enough, you will find that you do not need much.  I have my cat in one hand, my jewelry in the other hand, some important paperwork under my arm and some cash in my pocket. Oh and of course my laptop is already in the car.



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