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I just wrote a post Is it RUDE and UNFRIENDLY or is it just a different culture?

I did not get a lot of comments, but from the few I got I realized that I should share a unique experience with you.

Foreign buyers or seller, international clientele, do you understand why they do what they do? Do you have an open mind to understand that people from different countries do things differently and that is not unfriendly or rude or. .

It is just different.

I am originally from Germany and came to Florida 15 years ago, and boy, what a difference (like all cultures are different) in small things and big things. I will give you a few examples (and I do not say that one is good or bad), for now let’s stick with the restaurant scenario.

In Germany and all other European countries I have ever been to, going out to dinner fills up the whole night. It takes 3 or 4 hours or longer. To this day I still smile when one of my dates says”let’s go for dinner and a movie” and I think “how on earth can we do both in one night?”  In Europe we have a different relationship to food. I am not sure how to describe it; we do not just go out to get food because we are hungry. It is more a celebration of food than satisfying a basic need. I most cases we plan in advance to go out to dinner, we dress up, we make reservations, once we get there we take out merry time. We start with a few drinks, some places will serve bread and than we order appetizers.

We wait till everybody has gotten their food before we start to eat. (Very bad manners if you don’t)

We eat slowly and talk a lot in-between; when someone is finish and the plate is empty it will sit there till the last person at the table has finish and than the waiter will take all the plates away at the same time. It is considered Bad service if the waiter constantly disturbs you but taking away empty plates. Same scenario goes on with the entrees and desert. (Don’t forget the drinks, mostly wine and beer in between)

Once we are done with eating we stay a little longer, talk more and drink more. This all takes a few hours 3 or 4 sometimes and when you are ready to go you ask the server for the check. Never ever is the check presented to you without asking for it. This is the biggest NO NO, it means they are throwing you out!!!

Most people go to dinner around 8 or 9 pm and they stay till 12 or 1 am, restaurants are open much longer and they hardly ever have a second seating.

Read my next post, it will be about my first dinning experience in America

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