Testimonials for St. Pete Realtor

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What Home buyers and Home sellers have to say about the Realtors Anne Hensel and Manuela Baginski of South Beaches Real Estate Professionals.

I am a single mother and first-time homebuyer – although I had a strict budget and location to adhere to, Anne never once tried to sway me to buy something more expensive or in another neighborhood just becase she could guarantee a sale. She never stopped looking, she never gave up on my situation even though it was very constraining and difficult to find something for me in my situation. She worked harder on this small commission than I am sure she has ever worked for a large one, always had a pleasant attitude, and always gave my search priority when necessary. She didn’t let the “little guy” slip through the cracks just because it wasn’t going to make her a millionaire or get her on the board. I respect, admire and appreciate Anne for being the best realtor I have ever come across, but more importantly, for being the best human being when she didn’t have to under the circumstances. If anyone has ever had an experience of being taken advantage of in life, Anne will restore your faith in mankind. To put it in even more perspective, with her busy schedule, she also finds time to donate her time and efforts to various charities and individuals in need. It is an honor and privilege to know Anne and I will continue to refer anyone and everyone I meet to her for future homebuying needs.

Reviewed by Christine E. Skiados
February 10, 2009

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