Sunset beach on Treasure Island

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Sunset Beach on Treasure Island, what a wonderful little piece of the world.

Sunset Beach is the most southern tip of Treasure Island.

It is very narrow and long.  In Sunset Beach you have the Gulf of Mexico on the west side

and Blind Pass waterway on the east side.

There is a Seven Eleven on the entrance to Sunset Beach Treasure Island and beautiful gated condo community called “Land’s End” on the end of Sunset Beach.

In-between you have smaller condo complexes, single family homes, rental apartments, duplexes, and last but not least Mansions by the Sea, the “Two Towers”

Sunset Beach is very special and diverse and therefore attracts a unique group of people.

You find everything and everybody from $25,000 yearly income

to Millions of yearly income.

Here on Sunset beach you have the blue collar worker living right next to the financial guru, doctor or lawyer. Here are some houses that you will find on Sunset Beach Treasure Island.

Condos on Sunset beach Florida

Cottages on Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach harm

Sunset Beach has a great beach bar “Caddy’s on the Beach” It is a wonderful place to spend the day and enjoy the water and the sun.
My favorite day to go to “Caddy’s” is Sunday, it just feels like a one day vacation. I usually get out of the house around 11am and I make a one mile detour to go and get my coffee at Starbucks, than I head over to Sunset beach, parking is never a problem, they have a huge parking lot and also valet parking.

I pay my $5 and get a coupon for a drink. Then I grab my beach bag and find a nice spot right in the sand, within minutes one of the “chair guys” arrives and brings me a nice and comfortable lounge chair.

Within the next hours or so (they are always late) my friends arrive and they get the chairs too and we just talk about our week for a while until the first one gets thirsty. Off we go to the roof top deck (the new rooftop deck is a fantastic addition to watch the sunset or see the afternoon storms roll in) or we stay downstairs and listen to some music while we have a nice cocktail (or sodas).

Later on we go back to our chairs, talk a little more, go swimming and sometimes even order drinks right on the beach. All of a sudden it is 3 pm and everybody is hungry, well, not a problem, we are on Sunset beach and Caddy’s has a nice little menu. After lunch we go back for more of the same, lounge chair, talking, swimming sun all that good stuff. Most Sundays we stay till about an hour before sunset, than we move to the “big” Treasure Island beach to see the sunset and listen and dance to the “Bongos”.

If you enjoy this kind of music and like to be in the “Caribbean mood” (that’s what I call it) you have to come by one day. It is awesome. Lots of people, fantastic atmosphere and fun fun fun. After this we might go to Ricky T’s and have one more drink (or soda) before we all head home again.
Anyway, (I get sidetracked here) back to Sunset beach.

Sunset Beach is my favorite place to go swimming; I love the little romantic beach accesses and the benches hidden by

Pine trees.    

Sunset beach Treasure Island

The shoreline of sunset beach to me is the nicest one in our area. You have the sandy beach, natural vegetation, some small dunes, single family homes that were built 80 years ago next to the brand new mansion and a few parks in between.

The beaches of Treasure Island but especially Sunset Beach never gets crowed. (ok on 4th of July and Labor day) So, you can take long walks all the way up to Johns Pass or you can just fish, or lay out in the sun or swim, or play ball on the beach or bring your kite or surf board.

A lot of people on Sunset Beach are very creative and they show it on their property, you will find the most unique mail boxes and little signs and

all kinds of stuff.Mailbox Sunset Beach

House and Mailbox on Sunset Beach

 Sunset Beach on Treasure Island

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