Stop, do not buy a condo or house in Treasure Island Fl.

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Stop, do not buy a condo or house in Treasure Island Fl.

Unless you have talked to me. 

Treasure Island here in Tampa bay is a beautiful little beach town with wonderful people, great restaurant, beach bars, fun shopping, all the water sports you can imagine, incredible fishing,  lots of sun and awesome daily sunsets.

Treasure Island sunsets


People come to Treasure Island on vacation, see the great real estate deals that we have right now and next thing you know, they get carried away and walk into the any real estate office to make appointments to see properties.

3 days later they make their first offer  and 30 days later they are the proud owners of a condo in their dream vacation town of Treasure Island.

So far it is a wonderful story and you might think “why on earth is she saying “Stop, do not buy a condo or house in Treasure Island Fl.

I am not going to bore you to death with a 5 page article but I will give you some food for thoughts that will hopefully prevent you from buying a nightmare instead of buying your piece of paradise here in Treasure Island.

The most important thing to do when buying a house or condo, is to find the right realtor.

Trust me, this one thing can make or break your dream.

Do not just walk into a real estate office and talk to the first realtor you see. Do a little research on the computer and find a Realtor that KNOWS Treasure Island and the local real estate market.

You are about to make a huge purchase and spend a lot of money that you have worked very hard for, make sure you have a local expert on your site to protect you and your investment. 

Who do you think knows in which area we have problems with sinkholes?

Who do you think knows which streets flood in a bad rain?

Who do you think knows which beach has a problem with beach erosion?

Who do you think knows if a condo association is in trouble and has a huge special assessment coming up?

I think you are getting my point. Treasure Island is a fantastic little town right here on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and we have great real estate deals for sale but PLEASE  seek the assistance of a true local realtor that lives and works here.

Also, go to the City of Treasure Island website and learn a little more about our area.

or check out my Q & A site  about buying Treasure Island real estate.

If you take my advice, you will be fine and you will see your dream come true without having any regrets later on.

Sorry that I might have shocked you with ” Stop, do not buy a condo or house in Treasure Island Fl” but I wanted to make sure I had your attention.

Looking forward to have you as a new neighbor  soon



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