Stingrays on the Gulf coast in Saint Petersburg

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If you do not want to ruin your vacation, do the stingray shuffle.

It really works.

Stingrays are very shy and when they feel that someone is approaching

they most likely take off before you can step on them.

They swim in schools and most of the time “hide” in the sand.

The  “season”  start in May and ends in Oct.

I have seen a few of them and some were really close,

but I was lucky, so far I never stepped on one.

Unfortunately I have seen a couple of people stung by a stingray

and it was not a pretty site. I hurts.

The only thing you can do s to wash out the wound with salt water and soak it in hot water (as hot as you can stand it) for and hour or longer.

Make sure the wound does not get infected.

So – be safe, do the shuffle.

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