St Petersburg Short Sales | upside down on your mortgage?

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St Petersburg Short Sales | upside down on your mortgage?

Are you upside down on your home?

Have you suffered hardship, such as loss of a job, a divorce, etc?

Therefore have financial hardship?

There is NO SHAME in it!

Loan modification not working out?

Time is of the essence! CALL US TODAY!


 St Petersburg Short Sales | upside down on your mortgage?


Short Sales are going to be part of the Real Estate landscape for a while for various reasons. What is the benefit of a Short Sale? Your credit! If you are declaring bankruptcy and are walking away from your financial obligations, your credit will be ruined.

If you have reached out to your lender and a loan modification is not going to work, a Short Sale might be the answer to your problems. Perhaps your Bank already advised you to hire a Short sale Realtor to begin a Short Sale.

We have been helping home owners for the past 4 years here in the St Petersburg area to get out from under the burden of a home, they unfortunately no longer can afford and have suffered a hardship.

Please do not wait to contact us for a free, no strings attached consultation.  If you have questions, how the Short sale process works, if you qualify for a Short Sale and to discuss your personal circumstances, call us today 727 410 7777. We are here for you.

We are working hand in hand with a professional who will negotiate the Short Sale on your behalf! No worries, there are no fees that you have to pay for this extra service.

St Petersburg Short Sales


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