St. Petersburg, Selling your property with a Discount brokerage

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Selling your home or condo here in St. Petersburg?


You want to sell your home yourself as a FSBO?

Yes, listing with a discount broker, depending on your situation and the market conditions  might be an option for you. Check out a few of them, understand what they offer and what they do for you. Find out what you have to do. As questions like

Will it be listing in the MLS system?

Where do you advertise my property?

Can I call an agent if I have a question?

Who does the paperwork if we get an offer?

Who does the showings?

Will you put a sign on my property?

How often do you update me on the situation?

Who takes the pictures?

Do you create a flyer for my home?

What is the agency relationship form I have to sign?

Do you represent me?

How will people find my listing?

Do you promote my listing on websites?

If another realtor brings a buyer, will they get paid?

Do you follow up on the financing the buyer might need?

Do you show up for closing?

In some cases, discount brokerage makes sense but be prepared, as in real live,  you get what you pay for and if you are really serious about selling your home, make sure you understand the service you get from them and if possible get it in writing (and read the listing contract)




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