St. Petersburg Realtors, Never a dull moment in Real Estate #15

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Yes, another post about Open houses. Realtors, seller and FSBO need to know. Here are some exsamples of what I have seen or not seen.


And more  Be there at the open door, on the driveway

Welcome the buyer’s to your open house

First impression !!!!!!!

 Never ever have an open house the same day the owner has a garage sale

First impression !!!!!!!!!!!!!  They have all their junk displayed on the driveway.

Don’t do an open house with the owner present it can never help it can only hurt you. It is hard enough to sell yourself and the house – now you also have to sell the owner . . . impossible !!!

Never have someone sleep on the sofa when you have an open house or show a property.

Signs, it is great when you lead them to the right street, but it really helps to also have a sign in front of the home

Make sure the house is clean. Switch all the lights on. Bring in a nice smell. Have some candies. Have some music. Open all blinds.

Greet people in front of the door

Point out the good features of the house, not what could be done to remodel it.

If the owners have pets, they can’t be at the house either

Knock on all neighbors doors tell them you have an open house _ come over to see it, call your friends

 So, take a moment

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes

What would a perfect open house be like?

 Something like

Easy to find because they have enough signs

Easy parking

Nice clean entrance way

An open door

Someone that welcomes you and introduces him or herself

Someone that listens to you, asks questions

Offers you a glass of water

Smiles, that is easy talking to

When the buyer walks out of the house

They have to feel good and they have to like you and feel comfortable with you!

The first thing you sell at an open house is – yourself, then the house

The next day you send them a personal Thank you card

You put them in your contact list and send them some printouts

and call them 3 or 4 days later

See how they are doing etc. . .

Stay in touch

St. Petersburg, Never a dull moment in Real Estate





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