St. Petersburg Pinellas County | home owner’s first mistake when doing a short sale

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St. Petersburg Pinellas County, first mistake homeowners make when doing a Short Sale


A lot of sellers wait way too long before they start the Short Sale process here in St. Petersburg Pinellas County. Keep in mind, the bank is not waiting forever to start your foreclosure process. The moment you realize that you won’t be able to make your mortgage payments anymore, do 2 things. A – Call your local Short Sale Realtor and get a free, no strings attached consultation and a comparable market analysis. This is very important, you need to know how the Short Sale process works and you need to know what to expect.


B – Call your bank and see if you qualify for a loan modification.


I understand that we all think, it is going to get better soon, I am just having difficulties this month, I will be ok next month. etc. Nobody wants to do a Short Sale, it is against all the values we grew up with BUT look around, you are not the only one here in Pinellas County St Petersburg. A lot of people are in the same situation and really do not have a choice. Pick up the phone today and get started, you will feel much better after you have talked to your Short sale Realtor.


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