St. Petersburg, Listing your property, house or condo, short sale or not, with a Realtor

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St. Petersburg, Listing your property, house or condo, short sale or not, with a Realtor (Of course I recommend this option)

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Selling your home or condo here in St. Petersburg?

You want to sell your home yourself as a FSBO?

Selling your property with a Discount brokerage

No, serious I really believe and I have seen it and the statistics say that when selling your home with the help of a realtor your net profit will be higher and the transaction will be painless, easy and has a much better chance of being successful


We do this for a living, all day long for years and years.

We have the experience and the training.

If my car is broken, I bring it to a garage

If I have a health problem, I go to a doctor.

If my kitchen lights do not work, I call an electrician.

Why? Because I am not an expert in these fields and to get the job done right, I need a professional, someone that has the training and experience.

So, why wouldn’t you hire a Realtor? The only answer that I can come up with, is “commission” and that is understandable, nobody want to pay for something they can do themselves, BUT can you really do it yourself?  I can not repair my car, or find the right medication for my illness or fix a broken electric wire.

Yes, we charge a percentage for our service, but in the end it will be money well spend.

Once you start working with a Realtor and you seen all the details that are involved in listing your property, you will see very easily that it is worth the money.


If you think about buying or selling a house or condo in Saint Petersburg Florida, give me a call. I know the market, I know the neighborhood. Ask me about waterfront homes or condos in St. Pete beach. Treasure Island, Madeira beach, Seminole and other Tampabay areas.    727 409 8706


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