St. Petersburg, 15 years after my first dinner

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This is a follow up on my last post   My first dinner in America

After 15 years in this country (more specific St. Petersburg Florida) I have adjusted pretty well, (I think) and now I pick and choose. If I want “just food” or if I really do not have time, I go with the American way, like Bonefish Grill or Outback Steak house,  Benigan’s, Shells, Red Lobster some of the chain restaurants we have in our area. They food and service is good and fast.   If I want to make an evening out of my dinner, I do it the European way and go to  The Gulf Bistro on Madeira beach, or Carino’s on St. Pete beach, or The Perl in Treasure Island, or the German Crepe house in Tierra Verde, or La Fogata and Bellini’s in Gulfport, or L’Olivier in downtown St. Petersburg, Madeleine’s in St. Pete beach, The Wine Cellar in Redington beach, Café Berlin in Treasure Island (just to name a few) The food is very different in all these restaurants, but they have one thing in common, they are owned by a foreigner. Mostly Europeans other than The Perl, the owner is Moroccan.

So, I think it is great to live in our area, you have the best of both worlds and you can pick and choose between the American and the European way.


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