Sometimes I wonder

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Why we pay our dues to the Pinellas Realtor Organization.

It takes me 40 to 50 minutes to get from my office to the office of our local Realtor organization.

The other day I needed one sign desperately and I also wanted to stock up on some other common sign – riders and maybe buy some new maps or lock boxes.

So, I took about two hours out of my schedule and went to the realtor store

Guess what, they were out of  "reduced" signs and they were also out of  "short sale" signs and they did not have any "open house" signs.

Of course these were the three signs I needed most and if I am correct these are not specialty sign, every realtor needs them, all the time.  Well, unfortunately it wasn't even a surprise, it has happened before, I spend about 2 hours to go there and they did not have lock boxes, that is right, not even lockboxes.

How difficult is it to keep your inventory up to date?

They have one person in the store all day.

He told me the sign would come in sometime next week or the week after this. Well, I went back to the office and ordered them online from an independent company and they were delivered a day later.

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