Someone killed my Sauce Bearnaise

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Silas Dent Steak house on St. Pete Beach Florida. They had the very best Sauce Béarnaise I have ever eaten, and that was by far the BEST. Long story short, I have worked with a couple of very talented and highly decorated Chefs from different countries, their sauces were really good, but Silas Dent just had the best and that it my reason to go there once in a while. I pretty much order my filet, saying, “You can keep the meat but I need lots of Sauce Béarnaise”

Waterview in St. Pete BeachHere is my story from last week. “WHAT happened?”  This place has changed its face, the “food face” for this matter. They have a new Chef and everything was different. Ok. I can somehow understand this (if it gets better than before) Well, anyway, to me it was very confusing. You know it is when you have certain expectations?Restaurant in St. Pete Beach

The menu was different, but they only change a few things and renamed their items. So, my beloved “Tournedos Eva” now became “Hurricane Eva” It used to be two small filets topped with mushrooms, shrimp and Sauce béarnaise. The combination was genius and everything complimented each other. Now it is one small filet (price is still the same by the way) topped with this overpowering Portobello mushroom that must have been marinated for a week in balsamic vinegar, a few tasteless shrimp and a Sauce béarnaise that does not even deserve the name and of course it was not home made anymore and had no taste to it whatsoever. OK I am very picky when it comes to food, but I was so disappointed. Why change a winning team? Well I hope the change works out for them, it didn’t work for me. Other than the food, Silas Dent is a unique place to go here in St. Pete Florida, their menu is actually a newspaper, they have all this Ghost and historical stories, the decoration is very cozy and the restaurant has a beautiful view onto the water.

So, just because I did not like the new Sauce Béarnaise doesn’t mean you should not give it a try when you come visit our little town of St. Pete beach (just do not order the Béarnaise)

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