So, how important is it to dress “professionally?

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I commented on a post from Leslie Helm this morning and I got inspired to raise the old question again.

So, how important is it to dress “professionally?

What does that actually mean?  “Dress professionally” We do not have a dress code in our office and trust me I thought about it more than once. In the end I decided that I rather have my agents be themselves, dress in cloth they feel comfortable in. I do not believe that dressing professional shows who you are as a Realtor. The knowledge you have, the skills you have, the way you treat your clients, your attitude, all of this is more important than the “right” dress. I have sold a million $ property in Jeans and T shirt and my clients think the world of me.

So, in my company if you want to dress “UP” you can if you don’t want to, no problem either.

Some agents need the “professional dress” every morning so they can slip in their “role” other wear it because it simply reflects their professional attitude.

What do you do?

Do you dress the same way every day you go to work?

Has the “dress” helped or hurt you in your business?

So, how important is it to dress “professionally?

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