Snap out if it. NOW

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I hate when I do this. I am in Florida Pinellas County, all day yesterday we got updates on Fay (the storm) and at 1 pm yesterday a mandatory evacuation for 6 am this morning was announced. So, of course we spend all day yesterday with preparations, packing up computers etc. It was crystal clear our office would be closed for a few days and I could grab my cat and evacuate to a nice hotel, maybe I Orlando.

Well, Fay changed her direction and we never got any wind, not even a rain drop. So, here is my problem, I am stuck, still in hurricane mode. . .my mind got so focused on the storm that I just have the hardest time to Snap out of it.

I am getting nothing done today, drives me crazy.

Does that happen to you too?

That you focus on something and if it does not happen you have a hard time focusing on something else?

Ok, enough, I will leave the house now and go to Starbucks, (there is no storm)

get my favorite coffee and readjust (if I can)




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