Size does matter

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I do not know if you see the same in your market area, but what I have seen here in St. Petersburg lately is probably reflecting the overall economy. It is amazing; just a few years ago everything needed to have as many sf as possible. Now we see a trend that indicates that people take a small 3 bedroom over a big 2 bed room condo. Even if the price per sf. is higher in the 3 bedroom condo than the 2 bedroom condo.

The best example in our area is the Silver Sands Condo complex in St. Pete Beach.

The big like 1900 or 2000 sf, condos in Silver Sands were hard to come by and sold in a short period of time, now they sit on the market much longer and the smaller 1400 sf

2 bedroom 2 bath units sell much fast. People still want to live in the prestigious Silver Sands complex here in St. Pete beach and the units still sell, but now the small units are in higher demand.

Have you seen any changes like this in your neighborhood, any trends?

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