Short Sales in Treasure Island Fl

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Short Sales in Treasure Island Fl

Just had an interesting phone call from a buyer that was looking for a waterfront Short Sale home in Treasure Island but thought he would not find anything.

He was under the impression that only small , inexpensive homes off the water would go into a short sale situation. Well that is not true. We have a lot of waterfront condos and waterfront homes in Treasure Island that are Short Sales. I have not checked the statistics but I think the new Short Sale listings are getting less and less along the beaches but we still have them.

As of this morning we have 33 Short Sale listings in Treasure Island, starting at $68,000 for a 400 square feet waterfront condo  all the way to  3800 sf. waterfront home for $1,280,000 Treasure Island might have less Short Sales than a year ago but we still have them. Short Sales in Treasure Island Fl

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