Short Sale in St. Petersburg

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Short Sale in St. Petersburg

The most important thing when facing a possible Short Sale in St. Petersburg is ACT, don’t wait! There are a few  other factors why NOW is the time to list your home:

1. Our season is around the corner.

2. Inventory is extremely low right, which means fewer homes to compete against.

3. We are dealing with a lot of international buyers and the exchange rate is beneficial for most of them right now.

We go above and beyond to advertise our listings, that you will receive great exposure for your Short Sale listing in St. Petersburg.

Our experience shows, that most buyers are still looking for “financially distressed” properties, because they think those homes, are a better buy and don’t mind the long wait.

During the last few years, we were able to help countless home owners that faced the same Short sale situation you are currently in. It doesn’t matter, if you are living in a multimillion dollar water front home or a small home in a residential neighborhood. Hardship doesn’t discriminate. Our goal is to assist you in moving on and getting “the monkey of your back”.

We understand that a Short sale situationthis is a difficult time. Nobody plans losing their job, their spouse,  getting sick,  or whatever your circumstances may be.  

Don’t wait! Call us today! 727 410 7777   Short Sale in St. Petersburg

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