Selling your home in St. Petersburg Tampabay Florida

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After carefully comparing a few local real estate agents you have chosen a Realtor, now what are the next steps?

First of all you sit down with your Realtor and you negotiate the best possible terms, not the cheapest (you get what you pay for) terms that make sense and that are reasonable. Talk about the commission but also about the listing period, the cancellation policy, and get a marketing plan with time deadlines, so you know exactly when all the advertising and marketing is done.

Very important, before you sign the listing agreement (or when you sign it) Get a list of websites your realtor will advertise on. Google your realtors name and see if he or she is really advertising on these sites. Last but not least find the right price (see my next post) Also get a list of “things to do” from your realtor so you know what you have to work on. Discuss showing instructions. Only if and when you feel comfortable with everything that is agreed upon, sign the listing agreement and start working on your list.

This list should include everything to make the house more sellable. Starting at the outside the entry the inside, the back yard, the smell of the house, maybe some music, packing up (or away) personal things, setting the AC on the right temperature and many many more things.

See my previous posts on selling your home, a step by step guide for you.


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