Selling your home, A week before closing

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Now you really want to know if you can start packing and call the moving company, and you are getting a little mad at your realtor because he or she can not say, Yes, we are all set, go sign the lease of your new condo and start painting. I know it is tough and you really really want to hear if the closing will take place, but in most cases we (realtors) just can not say, Yes, it will.

There is always little things (that can turn into big things overnight) left to do.

For example

A buyer that had applied for a mortgage and was quoted and locked into a specific interest rate all of a sudden – At the closing table – finds out the number he was told and quoted  is significantly different from the number he can see on this mortgage papers. That buyer might flat out refuse to sign because his payments will be higher than expected and he feels scared and doesn’t know what else might have changed.

Or the association just came up with a special assessment the night before closing and now nobody wants to pay for it.

Or we have a hurricane and the buyer can not get insurance on the house and without insurance the bank will not give him the mortgage.

Or, the buyer discovers at the walk thru that you took the beautiful mirror that he fell in love with and next thing you know, you have a huge fight at your hands.

Or the buyer unexpectedly lost his job 3 days ago and now he does not qualify for his loan anymore.

Selling your home, Effective day Offer is accepted by all parties

Finally, an offer on your home.

Lots of showings but no offer

Your home is listed with a Realtor but no showings!?

Ok, you have signed the listing agreement.

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You want to sell your home yourself as a FSBO?

Selling your property with a Discount brokerage

St. Petersburg, Listing your property with a Realtor

St. Petersburg So, how do you find the best Realtor for your situation?

Selling your home in St. Petersburg Florida

What is the price I should list my home for here in St. Petersburg Florida


If you think about buying or selling a house or condo in Saint Petersburg Florida, give me a call. I know the market, I know the neighborhood. Ask me about waterfront homes or condos in St. Pete beach. Treasure Island, Madeira beach, Seminole and other Tampabay areas. We also work with short sale and foreclosures.   727 409 8706

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