Sellers in Saint Petersburg Pinellas County, compare Realtors.

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Sellers in Saint Petersburg Pinellas County, compare Realtors.

I can not say it often enough, Compare, Compare, Compare

Finding the right Realtor

I was at my neighborhood bar last night and I got into a conversation about real estate with someone that lives in another county and was just here on vacation.

Long story short, he was complaining about his realtor who charged 8% commission to sell a vacant lot.

And sure enough, here is the question

“Anne, don’t you think this is a lot of money just to put it in the MLS”

Sometimes I do not understand sellers.

If you need a new fridge, you go out and you COMPARE.

Price, energy efficiency, size, color . . . .

Best Real Estate advice I can give to sellers is

Compare, and make sure that you get what you pay for

Tell the Realtors what you expect and let them create a marketing plan tailored to your needs.  Compare service and commission and realtors qualifications.

Make an educated decision; don’t just go with the “Realtor friend” or the “Realtor that is your neighbor” or  “the Realtor that is always sooooooooo nice” or “the Realtor who tells you the highest sales price”

Pick and choose wisely and make them accountable. Do not just take their word for it, get a marketing plan in writing and check if they do what they promised to do.

There are 7000 something Realtors in your area – Compare Realtors !!!.

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