Sellers in Pinellas County St. Pete, did you know this?

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The post belowis great information for sellers. As a Realtor I use the IDX ever since it is available to us. But I somehow missed the point that it is very important information for a seller that is shopping for the right Realtor.

So, go ahead read this post and ask the question when you interview a Realtor



If you are going to list your home and hire a Broker, this is one question you need to ask!


When you are considering listing your home, or any Charlottesville Real Estate you need to be sure you understand what IDX is and if the company you are listing with uses IDX. Ask this specific question! Charlottesville Agent

IDX – defined in Charlottesville stands for “Internet Data Exchange” commonly called Broker Reciprocity.

  • What this means is that if you list your home with company A and company A is part of the IDX, then company B,C,D etc…. can show the home on their websites too and you get a mulitiple amount of “eyeballs” looking at your home for sale. 

    This is very powerful for marketing your home!

  • Now if you list your home with company A and company A is “NOT” part of the IDX, then your home will only be available on the Internet on company A’s website. This is really limiting your pool of buyers.

    Like 1 vs 100!!!   –  Actually more….

Why would you want to list with a non-IDX company? I am not really sure of a good answer…

Why would a company not be part of IDX…. I can only think of one reason that makes sense. The company wants to capture both the listing and the selling sides of a transaction (dual agency).

My question is this: Is this company looking out for the best interests of the seller?

If you have any questions feel free to call or email me anytime.

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