Seattle Home Inspector, Rusting in the Rain!

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     What does it mean to be, ”rusty? 

     One definition is that we are “out of practice.”  In other words something we may have been very adept at is no longer as easy to do—-or done as well.  Another way to look at this is the idea that if we do not stay on top of things—-if we do not keep current with what is going on around us—-we are not going to be able to function as well in environments we previously thrived in.  This might be equated to learning new computer skills or blogging skills.

     Take this light fixture—-the fixture would like to still be “functional,” but it has not done what it takes to stay functional and up to date. 

Rusting away in Seattle    The funny thing is, in this case, the light may NEVER have been prepared for the life it was asked to live.  This fixture, for years, was only “masquerading” as a real light fixture becuse many of its components are not even rated to be out doors.

     In our lives we always need to stay vigilant that the skills we are using, actually fit the tasks they are given.

     Now sometimes (or even eventually) it is OK to let go of our past lives as we move into new arenas or times in our lives.  Sooner or later it becomes just fine to let the old things rust away.  I have always found incredible beauty in rusting things—-often they have greater beauty in their decaying state than they ever could have had in their useful state.

     There should be absolutely no regrets in letting our previous lives fade and rust—-and take on a beauty of their own different from what we even remember.  Often they become sweeter in memory than they ever were in reality.  Time and the elements can contort our pasts into something we could not have imagined or could have created—-had we tried.

Rust is a beautiful thing

But the irony is that we did!

Charles Buell


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