Science for Fishing, Fishing for Science

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That’s what it says on the first flyer the new found

Gulf Partnership for Marine fisheries distributed on their first event

in Tampabay last week.

What does this mean? Fishing and science in one sentence?

Well, a good friend of mine is Bobby Spaeth the executive director of SOFA

and a life long fisherman born and raised in Madeira beach Florida.

When you have friends like this, you will learn a lot about fish and fishery and the impact the industry has and and and – even if you have never fished in your life.

I am one of these people that took it for granted that living in beautiful Florida, we will always be able to buy fresh fish from the Gulf of Mexico whenever we want.

No just that, but I am a Realtor and one of the attractions we have here in our area is the fishing, recreational and commercial, it adds a lot of value to our real estate and I took this for granted too.

I got a wake up call!

It took me a while to fully understand the impact that government restriction have on the fishing industry, (fisherman have their own language) but now that I understand the bigger picture, I am shocked and outraged. I think we all need to show some interest and support the efforts the Gulf Partnership For Marine Fishery is making.

I urge every commercial fisherman, every recreational fisherman, every one that wants to eat fresh fish right from our back yard, every home owner that cares about their property value, every business owner that needs tourist money, GET INVOLVED.

Gulf Partnership for Marine fisheries will have a website soon

and I will keep you posted on the subject.


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