San Salvador Bahamas, what to do at night

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San Salvador as small as it is has lots of things to offer. One of my favorite places is the dive- fishing bar at the Riding Rock.

Is is right on the water and you can sit inside and outside.

It is a cool little bar open whenever they feel like it (you just never know)

Locals and tourist go there and enjoy each others company, great place to meet people and gossip.

The décor is everything that has something to do with water, and it is hanging on the walls, from the ceiling. . .

Peaches the bar tender is something else. She is a wonderful person and makes great drinks. She has a sense of humor even if she doesn't smile all the time. What a character!

The bar is always packed  around 4th of July when the "rich People" come in with their big boats and Yachts to go fishing and hopefully catch a huge fish (I am talking about hundreds of pounds) to win the annual world fishing tournament.

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