REDUCING COMMISSION – need you input please

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REDUCING COMMISSION  – need your input please

I am speechless and all kinds of things along that line.

Need your help or a reality check if you will. Is it me or them ?

Would really appreciate your input or advise

Thanks in advance


Seller has a ton of condos for sale in the same complex, only 1/3 of them are in the MLS with a 2.5% commission and $1000 bonus to buyer’s  agent. Verbally all realtors were told that the same commission split applies to units not in the MLS. Seller does not use a standard contract but has one that also lists the real estate commission.

I submitted an offer to seller’s agent yesterday and got a counter with a few changes to our offer and the selling  agent’s (my) commission was changed to 2% and no bonus. Listing agent’s commission is the same. 

To summarize this, the seller counters and tries to negotiate by reducing the buyer’s agents commission. Other deals in the same complex with the same seller and same listing agent have closed with full commission to buyer’s agent.

What on earth ? Is it me or has the game changed and I did not get the message.

Please let me know what you think.


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