Redington beach, The Frog Pond a great lunch place

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Redington beach, The Frog Pond a great lunch place             What a great place in Redington to have breakfast or lunch. It is located on 16909 Gulf Blvd. in the little Redington Shopping plaza  on the east site of Gulf Blvd. The Frog Pond open in September 1982 and is one of the best know places for breakfast and lunch if not the best known place in Redington beach. It has a great and unique at atmosphere and the food is wonderful.Redington beach

Prices range from $6.50 to $11  The portions are sooooooooooo huge, you won’t believe it.

Their Salad Platter $9.50 can serve 5 people easily, I am not kidding. You should see the look on people faces when the plate arrives.  They sit in front of it and stare for minutes before they start.

Manuela and I went to the Frog pond today,  she ate about 1/5 of her plate and I ate about 1/3. of mine and we were hungry.

Everything I have ever eaten at the Frog Pond was really good (and huge). Some of my favorites are

The Quiche Lorraine $8.70

Frog Benedict  $10.80

It has poached eggs, Canadian bacon, mushrooms,

Swiss cheese, English muffin and sauce Hollandaise

The Club Sandwich $8.40

Greek Salad  $7.55

So, when you are in Redington, come to the Frog Pond, I promise you will never forget your first visit.

Remember only open for breakfast and lunch.

Redington restaurant     The Frog pond in Redington

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