Realtors working together again !

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I am one of these people that always wants to see good site in everything.

Well, the last 1 ½ years it has been very difficult in St Petersburg Florida to see the bright site of the changing real estate market.

One thing that everybody predicted was that it would drastically diminish the number of Realtors we had in Pinellas County. About 8200 Realtors when the market was still booming, now 1 ½ years later we still have about 7200 Realtors.

What is that, 12% or so?

Well, according to all kinds of statistics we were expecting about 40% to drop out.

All the people that do one deal a year, the "part timers"

Has not happen yet, and probably will not, but the attitude has change.

2 years ago when you wanted to show a unit, half of the realtors would not even call you back to make an appointment, it was very frustrating and time consuming

Today I called 5 different realtors for showing (short notice) and guess what

All of them called back were very helpful and cooperative.

It was actually a pleasure.

Have not seen this in a long time.

Realtors are working together again.

It is so much more fun this way and I do appreciate it very much.


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