Real Estate Newsletter for St. Petersburg, Tampabay and the Beaches

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Real Estate Newsletter for St. Petersburg, Tampabay  and the Beaches

Ok, I have to start with an apology. Sorry for not sending this newsletter lately but we have been extremely busy with work. Now the summer is here are things are slowing down a little bit.

I have only GOOD Real Estate news for you guys this time.

Since the beginning of this year our “numbers” keep looking better and better. Mortgage rates are extremely low, Sales have been up in Single family homes and condos all over Pinellas County, the number of new listing coming on the market is down, even foreclosure filings are down. In a lot of areas the prices have reached bottom.  If you ask me, the situation looks better today than at any time in the last 3 something years. We have lots of buyers that have waited and waited and waited and now they are out buying. We even see developers thinking about new projects. Real Estate that is priced at current market value is selling.

My interesting website for this month is

This site is amazing doesn’t matter which city in the world you want to check out, it gives you information like local time, weather, airport etc.  Love it. With the help of this site I am NOT calling clients at 3 am their time anymore………….

Since April this year a lot of things have changed and are still changing when it comes to loan modification, short sale, foreclosure etc.  The best website to get information and free counseling still is

And if you have not done your good deed for today, please click on this link and click again on the purple button. It is free and you help an animal to get some food. (And you can do this every day if you want)

Cooking tip of the day

I had a bunch of people over at my house the other day and we were cooking dinner together. Well the biggest challenge was “separating the egg white from the yolk” If you have the same problem, here is the solution.

When separating eggs, break them into a funnel. The whites will go through leaving the yolk intact in the funnel. Always works!separating an egg





Ok, that is it for today

Hope you enjoyed you South Beaches newsletter and I will try to get back on a monthly schedule……

Have a fantastic day

Anne and Manny

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And another PS. If you are a soccer fan (like me) the best website to keep track of the world cup is

 This was you june issue for Real Estate Newsletter for St. Petersburg, Tampabay  and the Beaches

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