Problems in Treasure Island and how you look at things.

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It is how you look at things

My new year started with a headache (partied to much the night before) not no big, deal a couple of Aspirin made the headache disappear. Had coffee, played with my cats, put a load of wash in the washing machine, checked my e mails, all of a sudden there was this weird bubbling noise just everywhere in the house. Went to investigate and found that ALL of my drain pipes were clocked and water was everywhere. What a great start to the New Year!!!  That was my first reaction and I already saw me trying to find a plumber on New Year’s Day and paying a fortune.

I knew this was a whole day drama, so I canceled a housewarming party from one of my clients and I canceled sunset drink with my girlfriend and decided to call an old friend of mine that is very handy. Long story short, 5 hours later the problem was fixed. So, was it really a BAD DAY? I decided it was actually a good day. I had a problem and it got fixes without major dramas. We simply can’t avoid the problems, they will always be there but we can adjust our attitude towards them.

It is how you look at things

Thank you Ralf for making my day.

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