Point Brittany Saint Petersburg

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Every time you buy a condo you have some kind of application process.

It is different with every condo association. Some just require you to fill out a few forms, other want a personal “interview” and that’s what I want to talk about today.

The word interview does not sit well with a lot of people and I do understand this, after all “what is this all about and what do these people want to know about me, and what ever happened to my privacy and so on.

I accompanies my clients to an “interview” in Point Brittany the other day. It should not be called an “interview” but an orientation. We met up with two board members, both ladies were very pleasant and nice and they introduced us to the rules and regulation in Point Brittany. Ruth and Rose did not interview my clients, it was the other way around. My clients asked all the questions. So, it was a great experience and I am glad I was part of it. So, be prepared when you go to your “interview” and bring a lot of questions. You want to know all this information about Point Brittany before you actually move in. I was very impressed by the common sense they use to run this 55 plus condo community here in Saint Pete.

Point Brittany, a 55 and over waterfront community in Saint Petersburg.

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