Please take notice – fraud complaint centre? what is up with listing router?

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I am in shock !!!!

For the last two weeks I am trying to get my listing router set up and everything look ok in my settings, but nothing happens on my account, no in no out.

So here I am trying to test the area I singed up for

see below I copied and pasted the nice message. . . . I took out the website address and replaced it with  dots.

Does anybody have any kind of explanation for this?

Please Take Notice

You have clicked on our ads 4 times.

If this is because you were legitimately trying to find us, we apologize for this message, however to keep everyone’s cost down please bookmark us at www…………… instead of clicking on our ads next time.


If this was done with malice.
Your information has been logged and sent to our fraud department for evaluation.

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