Please, I am not husband hunting.

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What a great start for the day.

This is cool, I have a featured post and I love all your comments.

Check this out. Another way of prospecting (by accident)

The Power of Orange Shoes



People never stop to amaze me. Or should I say their ego?

Anyway. I do not do this all the time, but sometimes when I have enough energy left at the end of the day and I go out for drinks with my girlfriends, I leave my name tag on, or I even put it on.

Why? Because I am a Realtor and it is a big part of my job to let everybody know I AM A REALTOR. A name tag to me is basic marketing, and most of the time it works, nobody wears a name tag at night, so I get some attention from it and people walk by saying, AH you are a Realtor, that is all I need to start a conversation.

A few nights ago, this guy approached me, talked for a little while and than he said, “You can take off your name tag now, you just found your new boy friend” (and he was not trying to be funny) Go figure. I replied by saying, “NO, you are wrong I just lost a customer”  It makes me wonder, don’t people realize that you are basically a Realtor 24/7?

You don’t stop prospecting just because it is 5pm.

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