Pippi Longstocking would be jealous of my “dark spots”.

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 or Advanced Fluorescence Technology Age Spot Removal Treatment   Wednesday

Unreal !!!   I went for a facial laser treatment last night at the Solutionz in Largo Fl.

I have a lot of “tiny little sunspots”  I am one of these people that runs around all day and forgets to put sun screen on her face (you might get away with it if you do not have very fair skin and live in Florida) They never really bother me too much but one of these days I was going to have them removed. (Might have been in a couple of years from now)

Well, a few weeks ago I saw a “Groupon” and the treatment that is usually a few hundred dollars was $99 so, of course I bought the coupon and had my appointment the other day. It only took 10 minutes but it DID hurt!!! (Way more than I thought) to make matters worse, right after the procedure I felt like my face was on FIRE.

All I wanted to do is go home and stick my face in the fridge and hide under the couch BUT I had a date with my girlfriend that had driven an hour to see me so I was not going to cancel that one. Being who I am I stopped at the next CVS bought Make up and Advil both really helped and I had a great night with my girlfriend.

Once I was home and took of the makeup I saw a million little spots (I really mean a million) Never thought I had that many!!!  The doctor had said that my sunspots might seem a little darker the next day but not to worry, within a week they would disappear. (of course I did not pay attention to that)

Oh Boy when I woke up this morning I could not believe what I saw in the mirror. I do not have dark sunspot, I have a few little white spots the rest is dark as in bitter chocolate dark. This is going to be very interesting …………… I will keep you posted.


PS. as an after thought (I know you guys) requests for photos can not be honored at this point (camera would break)

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