Pippi Longstocking would be jealous of my “dark spots”. update

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Me and Manny wanted to go to Ricky T’s for happy hour this evening BUT when I woke up I realized real fast that I could not possibly go anywhere ………… people would get really scared seeing me, so I canceled happy hour. Soon enough I looked at my calendar and realized that I could not cancel every appointment I had for the day so I put on a ton of makeup, adopted the attitude “what the hell” and went on with my day.  Let me tell you, people looked at me in ways I have never seen but nobody actually said anything or asked why I looked so weird AND everybody was very very friendly ………

Friday           Oh well, the dark spots are getting darker and darker, NO Makeup can probably cover it up. So yes it is the “First Friday” celebration in St. Pete tonight but I am going to have a cozy evening at home with my cats………….. (isn’t that fun on a friday night)

Saturday     morning now, I have a ton of things to do and I can’t hide anymore. Still have a million dark spots but they look more “defined”  let’s  see if I can find enough Makeup so I do not scare too many people today.

Have to say, even thou I look really horrible and scary right now (should have done this for Halloween), I am starting to feel good about this and getting real excited to see the end result.

Sunday    uhuuuuuuuuu some of the spots have dissapeared and there is brand new baby skin underneath !!!! I still look horrible and today I have my anual girls only cookie party (I will never hear the end of this)


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