Pinellas county, St Petersburg, Are you chasing the real estate market?

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Are you chasing the market?

House for sale in St Petersburg, your realtor did a ton of marketing and advertising, but nobody even wants to look at it?

3 month after you signed the listing you reduced the price, still no showing, no phone calls

You reduce the price even more.

Finally a few people tour the house, still no offer.

There is so much for sale in our St Petersburg Tampa bay, Pinellas county area.

Sellers are in a bigger competition than I have ever seen before.

You have to ask yourself

Are you chasing the market?

I strongly believe that it is very important to have a competitive price for your house.

The day you sign the listing agreement.

The real estate market in St Petrsburg Tampabay has changed a lot.

So how much should you ask for your home?

Very simple, have your realtor do the comps for you.

Now you need to decide,

I want to sell as soon as possible – like tomorrow – you need to be the lowest price.

If you have 6 month time, well you can be in the middle to lower end.

If you do not really want to sell your house, you can be on the high end.

Keep this in mind when you list your home, you need to be ahead of the game not behind.


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