Pinellas county hospital and how they get your money

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It is unbelievable how they get your money


St Anthony’s hospital here in Pinellas county

Watch out!

I am (again) so mad.

I will never understand the health care system.

I was due for my annual mammogram, so I called the hospital my doctor recommended, got and appointment and a quote over the phone “

I went there, signed in and told them I was self pay and would like to take care of my bill it right now.

They gave me a price, it was different from the phone quote, and I made them double check (took her 3 phone calls and 15 minutes) finally the price was established minus a 40 or 50% discount for paying ASAP, I gave them the check, they wrote me a receipt and I had the procedure done.

2 weeks later I received a bill, I called told them I had already paid, they apologized, it was done.

Today 4 weeks later I get another bill, balance due is $38 something.

30 minutes on the phone with them, I insisted I had paid my bill in full, they insist it was not a bill I paid at the hospital, it was just a quote.

We argued a little more and it was not about the $38, for me it was about the way they do business.

another 10 minutes of arguing, they realized the $38 is actually a mistake, it is only $14 something.. . .

I gave up.

They do hundreds if not thousands of mammograms every month, they are all the same and they have to “quote” each and every one of them? And 4 weeks later they realize it was a mistake.

I do not have words for this.

Just imagine

You go to a restaurant and instead of “Prices” on the menu, they have “quotes”

That should be interesting. . . .


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