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See this wonderful water front? It is right here on Treasure Island Florida, prime location.Publix on Treasure Island



No, this is not a single family home or condo complex; it is the back yard of the new Treasure Island Publix. That is right, Grocery store. It gets better the front yard of Publix is just across the street from the beach. Like I said, only in America will you find an absolutely perfect waterfront location with a Publix on it. It just open 2 weeks ago and it already is my favorite place. Going shopping while watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico is an experience not many people can make. If you go early in the morning, you can actually see the sunrise over Tampabay. Do we live in the perfect country or what?Treasure island Florida waterfront Publix

I just love it. Now just to put the icing on the cake I will make it my mission to convince Publix and Starbucks to join forces here on the beach in Treasure Island. I might sell my home and move into Publix once they have a Starbucks. You really have to come and see this one for yourself, beautiful new building underneath parking garage, elevator, greeting people, foyer, huge picture windows I mean just wonderful! Treasure Island has a brand new gem, it is up to you to find it (little hint, it is on the corner of Gulf Blvd and 104th Ave)

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