Ok, you have signed the listing agreement for your house or condo in St. Pete.

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It took time to find the right Realtor to negotiate the terms and find the right asking price for your home or condo, but don’t think that you are done yet.

Now, you have to start working on “your list”  Remember, all the recommendations your Realtor made at the listing appointment. Things like, cleaning up the yard, the site of the house, throwing out things that nobody has used in years, giving all these cloth that don’t fit anymore to your girlfriends, packing up all the wedding and birthday photos that are all over the house, putting stuff in the kitchen cabinets that sit on the counter top for no good reason whatsoever. Oh and don’t forget to throw out all your old magazines (if you have not read them by now, you probably never will)So, ow your house is sparkling clean, smells and looks go, of we go into the backyard. No, these weeds do not disappear by themselves, and the dead palm tree leaves all the way up there – yes, they need to go, the lawn has to be nice and green and edged, the patio or deck might need a pressure washing and so does the driveway, what do you think? I bet you think it is ok, it is not that bad. . . well that is why you have a Realtor, he or she looks at your home differently than you do. My home is my castle and there is nothing wrong with it, I understand this (I own a home) but sorry guys, when you want to sell you home, consider yourself a fisherman and you want to catch the biggest fish in the pond (that would be the buyer) so your bait (your home) has to be very attractive to the fish, not to you.

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