NO slow summer this year.

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I love the real estate business and one reason was “the slow summer”

I guess it is different all over the country, but here in St. Petersburg Florida,

a lot of Realtors took the summer off.

Our season starts mid December and goes to end of May, somehow it depends on how late or early Easter is. Anyway, if you had done your homework and were ready for the season you would make about 80% of your income just in these few month and July, August and September you did not need a phone anymore, because it would not ring. People didn’t come to Florida because it was too hot and the locals skipped out of town to find some cooler weather somewhere. Well, not so this year. All my “around the house” summer projects are still sitting and waiting, I have not had the time to start them.

My phone keeps ringing and ringing (and I love it) after all we had two full years of slow time, not just summers. Most of my calls are from Floridians wanting to move within Florida and from investors trying to buy deals, and a lot of Canadians looking for affordable vacation property. If this is a trend and if this is a “slow summer” I will never get to do my “house projects” and I can not even imagine how buy the season will be.

Anne Hensel


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