New produce store on St. Pete beach.

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My girlfriend and I went to Vito’s and Michaels last night to have a Pizza, do some girls talk. . .  you know, Anyway, when we left we saw the store next to it, It used to be some kind of small local convenience store. The kind where you go to buy your cigarettes etc. Well it has changed owners and it has changed the concept.

I love it, half of the store now is a fruit stand. All the veggies and fruits looked great, and smelled great and the prices were very very reasonable. Very fresh and a good selection, with some exotic fruits. This is my new “Veggie” place, I really liked it and you could sense the pride of ownership. The also had white orchids, absolute beautiful and dirt cheap. So, when you go shopping in St. Pete beach do yourself and the owners a favor, try this little local store. It is on the west side of  Blind Pass road, across from Sweet Bay.

I am very picky when it comes to food, food stores and restaurants, but I was impressed with this one. Another great addition to St. Pete Beach.


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