Never tell the truth

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I am serious. I do not know how it is in your area, but here in St. Petersburg Pinellas county, it just does not pay off to tell the truth when it comes to a listing appointment and you have to answer the owner’s question “So, what do you think we should list the house for”?  I am one of these straight forward Realtors that recommend to price the property according to fair market value and I back it up with comparable recent sales in the St. Pete area. Well I have to say that this approach did not get me too far lately. I was on a couple of listing appointments and did not get the job. Yes, the seller would say I had a much better marketing and advertising package than the other realtor and my online present was a lot better and my reputation was great but the other Realtor thinks he can get so much more for the property. I do understand that each seller thinks his home is a castle and much better than the neighbors house (I think the same about my house) I understand the emotional attachment the seller has BUT selling a house or condo in St. Pete is also one of the biggest business decision a seller can make. It actually saves the seller money and time to price the property right instead of reducing it each month till it finally sells.

So, what do you think?

Tell them the truth or lie to them and get the listing?


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