My seller withdrew the St Pete Beach listing because a buyer really made him mad.

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 My seller withdrew the listing because a buyer really made him mad.

This new real estate world sometimes gets to me. I deal with buyers all day long and in this time and age everybody wants the deal of the century and that is perfectly ok. What is not ok is to drive around, stop at a real estate sign and insult the seller that happened to be on the driveway as in “What are you asking? Are you out of your mind? Do you really think someone will pay that much? (By the way, the house is priced just below fair market value) Long story short, my seller got so upset that he withdrew the listing because he doesn’t need to deal with people like that. I can’t tell you how many stories like this I have heard lately, people driving up to a property and instead of calling the agent they talk directly to the home owner, even knock on their door and start telling them that they are overpriced. What on earth do they think they can accomplish with this approach?

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