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I love buying and selling Real Estate here in St. Petersburg Tampabay Florida. Some of my favorite areas here in Saint Petersburg are Treasure Island, St.Pete beach, Madeira beach, Seminole, Pasdena, and Gulf port . I was born and raised in Germany, about 15 years ago I came to Florida and ever since than I live and work in St Petersburg Tampabay. As you can imagine, by now I know the area inside out, all the different neighborhoods and their pros and cons.

When I first got to St. Petersburg I explored very area of our own and all the little beach communities of course, now living here fro all these years I see St. Petersburg from a different side. I have realized that it give me a huge advantage in my job that I to a “look” at St. Pete from both side, someone living her and someone moving here.  We have everything from low budget to high budget, from a 1 bedroom condo to 5 bedroom luxury ocean front. St Pete is a wonderful place to live; we have a beautiful lively and active downtown district with lots of great restaurants, museums and art galleries as well as the relaxed and easy beach areas.

Being a Realtor is not just a job for me, my heart is in it and I am very passionate about it. I love to work with people and see them fulfill their dreams. I also believe in full service Real Estate practice and education.

One of my designations is the Accredited buyer’s representative. This is a special education – training that focuses on the needs of buyers and on practicing the most effective negotiation skills on behalf of buyers.

The time to purchase property here in St Pete Tamapabay has never been better. Low interest rates, huge inventory and motivated sellers. It is a buyer’s market like I have never seen it before. If you seriously think about buying in our area, now is the time, don’t miss this fantastic opportunities.

Take a minute and go to my website   and find lots of helpful information and tips.   Please contact me anytime or start by doing your own search on my website

Thank you for taking the time to read my real estate profile.                                                                                                          Scroll all the way down to see  more about the “PERSON” Anne, not just the Realtor


Anne Hensel


Full service real Estate.

Buyer’s representation (ABR)

Real Estate and investment counseling (C-CREC)

Giving you all the information and tips you need in the real estate world.

Finding your dream home for you.

Negotiate real estate deal on your behave.

Take care of all paperwork involved with buying and selling real estate

Assisting and guiding you all the way to closing a house or condo, and beyond.

I got the ABR designation (Accredited buyer’s representative) and will put it to work for you.

Automatic notification by e mail if a property comes on the market that you might be interested in.

Prepare CMA’s for possible properties.

My C-CREC designation (Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultants) assures you that you will receive Real Estate counseling that goes byond the standart service and ypu will get all the information, helpful hints and tip to make smart decisions.

The E – PRO as well as my RECS and TRC designations I have show you that I understand how important information is and that I am an expert in communications when it comes of town buyers via e mail and other web based means.

My AHS designation qualifies me to show you the “invisible” potential that most house and condos have.

Below is a little information about the “Person” Anne, not the “Realtor” Anne

Yes, I was confused too when I got an e mail from one of my fellow Realtors asking to post a MEME about Anne Hensel. I found out that this is a post about yourself that doesn’t have anything to do with Real Estate. It is just a few things about the person Anne Hensel, not the Realtor. I was not sure if I wanted to do this, I thought it would distract from the professionals aspect. (I am selling real estate not Anne Hensel!)

But, as always, there is no coincident in life. I just closed a very difficult deal and called my seller to congratulate him, we had a long conversation and in the end he said it took a person like you Anne to convince me every day to hang in there.

I said, “well, that is the Realtor in me” he said “NO that is the person Anne, not taking NO for an answer and always having a positive attitude” I wish people could see beyond the Realtor Anne Hensel.”

I think he made a great point, so, here it goes.

I can actually cook, do not tell my boyfriend (if I ever find one) The moment people know that you can cook, they actually expect you to do just that, and they do not take you out for dinner anymore. So, picture this – every time I meet someone, in the first 5 minutes I manage to make the statement “I do NOT cook” ( I love to be a sales person) so far, all people have assumed that I do NOT cook means I can not cook. I came up with this 4 word sentence about 2 years ago, since than I have seen more restaurant than in all my 44 years before that.

I am a Meat Loaf fan (no, not the food) the singer, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bat out of Hell, Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Yes, now you remember, that Meat Loaf, Marvin Lee Aday. Ok, let me clarify the word fan, I do not know what he is doing every minute of the day, I do not have his pictures on my bed room wall, I do not write fan letters, I do not burst into hysterical tears when he is on TV, nor do I pass out in this concerts. But I just so love his voice, his performance, his lyrics. This guy (other than the looks) is the whole musical package for me. When friends come to my house, they usually enter with the words “can we change the music !” (No, it is not a question mark, trust me) A few years back Meat Loaf was on concert in London and a friend (we had seen our first Meat Loaf concert together when we were 16) called me from there and told me that Meat Loaf had collapsed in the middle of the concert and was taken to a hospital (I was devastated) The next day I read in the news (no, not on CNN) that he had canceled all his concerts but that he will do the last two of the tour that were scheduled for Australia. I panicked and thought it might be his very very last concert, and I was not taking any chances, I book my flight that same day. (No, you do not have to read it twice, I went to Australia to see a Meat Loaf concert) It was so worth it !!! Which brings me to my next point?

I only regret the things I have not done. (and these are not too many) Guess this one is pretty self explanatory.

I do not have any wedding pictures, the photographer refused to board the plane with us, he just was not into sky diving (neither was my poor husband, but he was so brave and jumped anyway) and Yes, he forgave me for that (after the divorce) just kidding, (not kidding) we are still great friends and he would probably do it again.

I will never be rich (no matter how much money I make) I spend it all on travel (my true passion) I have been to Spain, Italy, Morocco, Israel, Egypt, Thailand, China, Turkey, Australia, Tonga, France, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, England, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Alaska, Mexico, Countless Bahamian and Caribbean Islands, West Samoa, Singapore, Indonesia, Jamaica (to name a few – ok. a lot)

I have many great friends, they are all different and I appreciate each one of them a lot.

I do not know if your mind wants to go there (you probably should not) but my two best girlfriends are (I have to change names I guess) so A is 30 years old, French and Jewish. B is 51 years old, she has an American passport and is born here but this does not mean anything, she insists that she is Italian from New Jersey and now, picture me a German Aquarius 46 years old in the middle of these two. Trust me, never a dull moment, we never agree on anything, and each of us is very opinionated and we do not give up easily. (And we always think the other two are totally nuts)

But we never really fight, we just laugh it off. Just imagine the language barrier, French accent, German accent, New York Italian accent. . . . . Just one example.

When I learned English in school, my dictionary said   A decent person is a morally upright person.  After 13 years of knowing me, B walks into my house, could not see me, calls my name, and I replied, I am putting my makeup on come into the bedroom. She yelled  “Are you decent”  I was stunned!!!  My best girlfriend of 13 years is asking me   if I am a decent person? (I can not publish my reply, use your imagination)

My favorite Quote

So many, I actually have a pair of scissors  in my note book at all times, so I can cut them (the quotes) out and put them in the big pile,

“to be archived when I am 85)

Ok, here are just some of them

 “Everything you can imagine
is real.”


 The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.

 An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

 Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.
Frank Lloyd Wright

 Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.
Bill Gates

 A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Charlie Chaplin

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

John F. Kennedy

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?

Jean Jacques Rousseau

Insanity is, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


My favorite Poem  Again, so many  But my all time favorite is

IF by Rudyard Kipling

 followed by

 The Panther by Rainer Maria Rilke

 My favorite Sport

I love to watch soccer, formula one racing and heavy weight boxing

(Guess it is what you grew up with)

 My favorite Motivator

Is Donald Trump, he is just such a genius when it comes to Real Estate.

My favorite TV show

Frazier –  I love this kind of humor

My favorite Actor

I do not really have one, but I admire the work of

Kurt Russell – and all the different roles he played like

Snake Plissken  – in Escape from New York

or Elvis –  in Elvis the Movie

Yes, that is the same guy – awesome

 My favorite excuse

“I have a terrible headache – I will think about that to tomorrow”  (Stole this from Scarlett O’Hara)

Best Tennis player ever

Boris Becker it was absolutely fascinating to watch him.

 My biggest problem

I have been trying to quit smoking for the last 20 years or so. . . .

My favorite Book

Désirée  by Annemarie Selinko

The Little Prince   by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

So, to sum it all up, I love to laugh, I do not take myself or the world too serious, I have eliminated negative people from my live, I am very passionate about my job, and sometimes I just have to much energy for my own good, I love hazelnut ice cream and I wear orange shoes. Hey, I am an Aquarius (see, you should have started reading from the bottom up)








buy and sell Real Estate, waterfront homes and condos in the Treasure Island St Pete Beach area,  homes and condo for sale in Treasure Island, St Pete beach and Madeira, the beaches and downtown. It might look like a small area but I believe that you should know your neighorhoods. I love to work as a single agent for buyers or seller, this way I can give them more help, advice and assistance. Information is important in todays market, I try to keep my website updated with new market reports and tips all the time. Treasure Island and St Pete beach as well as Madeira and Redington are little beach cities here in Pinellas County and you need to know your neighorhood before you buy. FSBO check out my website for helpful tips and information.


As a foreign investor I appreciate Anne’s honesty, her straight forward approach and reliability.

I bought three properties with her and it was a hassle free experience.

Even thou I was out of the country she stayed in touch and kept me informed all the way.

I completely trust her with all my real estate issues.

She gets the job done.

Dealing with her is a pleasure.

Bruno Hummelt 


Ihave had the pleasure of working with Anne Hensel for many years now in several capacities. She has represented me as a buyer’s and seller’s Realtor here in St. Petersburg Tampabay. I have also had the privilege of working with her in my mortgage company.  I have had the opportunity to see all sides of Anne and her work ethic. My conclusion has been the same since the first time we started working together. She is tops in her field! She knows her industry inside and out and works harder than most to make her customers dreams and wishes realized.  I have for years and will still recommend Anne without reservation for anybodies real estate needs. You will get someone who goes above and beyond their job duties to make it a pleasant experience for you.

Kim Evans 


Anna and Manny,   I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in the sale of our property.  I am convinced that the place finally sold due to your candor, persistence and your tenacity.  You guys were great to work with and were always true professionals.  Plus, you always understood the St. Pete Beach / Treasure Island market conditions and subsequently always knew what to do in regards to pricing, advertising, etc..  I am very, very appreciative of the work that you did for my wife and I.  I know that when we sell our other places in Florida, you will be the first realtor I call to help us.  Thanks again for being there and being so nice.  You guys were great.  I hope we cross paths again.    Regards,  Steve


I first met Anne several years ago when trying to find a vacation rental property for a friend from New York. Even though she was not in that business she took the time to point me in the right direction and referred me to several sources.   When my wife and I decided to sell our townhouse in Treasure Island this year  Anne was my realtor choice because I remembered how she helped me in the past. Due to the slow 2008 Florida market I expected it would take well over a year to sell my property. Anne and Manny sold it in three months. They went above and beyond normal expectations to make this happen by doing such things as creating a first class video of the property and decorating the rooms to “add color” and create interest. In short, Anne and Manny not only met but exceeded expectations with customer service and professional skills second to none.   These ladies became not only our realtor but friends. We will highly recommend South Beaches to anyone interested in buying or selling property in the St. Petersburg area.   John and Barbara Heffernan

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